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Nov 15, 2015 SPEED Provided Fast and Efficient Dual Foreign Language Translation to Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Transportation Group is a global manufacturer of transportation facilities with the broadest production lines and solutions in the industry, including commercial aircrafts, executive aircrafts as well as railway transport equipment, system and service. Bombardier Transportation Group has been actively engaged in constructing urban rail transit and advanced railway network in China.

In September 2011, Bombardier contacted SPEED, its long-term translation partner and inquired about a over 500-page English to Russian translation project which required to be delivered urgently within seven days. The client emphasized the project importance and the high quality requirements on grammars, expressions and terminologies due to its lack of in-house technicians who knew Russian. Considered our good reputation in quality and speed over the past few years, Bombardier selected us instead of other suppliers to undertake this urgent project and expected us to start the translation as soon as possible.

Due to the shortage of English to Russian dual foreign language translators, a translation company normally takes a couple of days to find suitable translators, which makes it impossible to finish this project within 1 week. But at SPEED, we do things differently. Our salesperson immediately reported to the Sales Manager who helped promptly to organize a project meeting with the Translation Department. Under the positive support of the Translation Manager, both departments worked together trying to come up with project requirement analysis and project planning.

Firstly we discussed how to arrange professional translators with relevant background. Given the importance, urgency and fact of shortage of dual foreign language translators, we did careful screening in our global translator database and selected five foreign translators who are proficient in both English and Russian and specialized in mechanical and electronic field. We also emphasized to these translators the confidentiality requirement and project importance.

Secondly, we realized the importance of project coordination and quality control. The Translator Manager volunteered to work as the Project Manager who was in charge of the coordination and quality control of the whole project. Considering the short project turnaround time, we made pre-arrangement of project members for translation, proofreading, final review, data entry and layout with clear time schedule to ensure on time delivery.


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